Ford in South Africa
Information on Ford in South Africa from 1903-1990
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Ford Model A in Zimbabwe 

First Ford built in Canada  <>  Lionsgate Model A Club Canada 

Model-A Carburettor Page  <>  Canadian Model A Ford Foundation

View Ford Model A Range  <>  Model A Club of Argentinia

Glen William's Model-A Friends  <>  1930 2-door Deluxe Phaeton

Model A Barnyard Restoration   <>  Detailed info on every Model T

Ford Model-A Restorers Club  <>  Model T Engine Re-Building

Ford Factory Shop Manuals on CD-ROM

Ford Body Spares, Tops & Upholstery Suppliers - LeBaron Bonney

Ford Model-A Club of America  <>  Ford Model-A in Denmark

Ford Model-A Club of South Australia  <>  Early Ford Pictures

Roy Bebee's Registry of Canadian produced Model A Ford's

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