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Handy Tools & Information

Best Longhaul Airplane Seats  <>  Shrink long web addresses     

Fund Transfers  <>  Important Cape Town Phone Numbers 

WeatherSA  <>  Time & Weather  <>  Weather & Windguru

 Worldclock of Global Statistics  <>  Google Search Tricks

 Best Longhaul Airplane Seats  <>  Shrink long web addresses

Metric and English Convertor  <>  Currency Convertor

Quick Overview of South Africa  <>  Google Office Software

Ubuntu - The best software & FREE  <>  Wiki Ubuntu Tream 

Old Cape Town Photos  <>  Check for Good & Bad Service 

Jukebox Hits  <>  1960 Juke Box  <>  Take Me Back To The Sixties

News - 24Hours  <>  Bid to stay at a City Lodge Hotel  <>  Dvorak Portal  <>  Back-up & Restore Outlook Express Mail Files

Virus Hoax List  <>  SA Web Search  <>  Nigerian 419 Scam

Use this Microsoft Reader to read MS Office Documents  <>  Scamletters

Searching for service excellence  <>  U3A - University of Learning for Seniors

Kids Cape Holiday Activities  <>  Wildlife Cams

Tourism, Wildlife & Adventure

SA Birding   <>  Paarl Wine  <>  SA Weather   <>  Maps

International Student Guide of Cape Town

Kommetjie Beach, South Africa

Cape Town Government  <>  Cape Panoramic View

Getaway Travel Magazine   <>  Western Cape

Spring Flowers of Namaqualand  <>  Gardenroute

South African National Parks  <>  V&A Waterfront

Directory of Foreign Electrical & Adaptor Plug Information

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