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Classic Cars in South Africa
South Africa’s largest source of information on Classic Cars with more than a 1000
photos for the period 1896 to 1999, including South Africa’s own cars.

Living with Parkinson's
Read about my experience with the DBS "Bilateral Subthalmic" operation

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Beautiful Cape Town
Want to know more about Cape Town – Named most beautiful City in the World
We have lots more information plus photos below:

Overview of South Africa
Want to know more about South Africa – You find most of it here

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SMA & The Bumble Bee

Cape Town

Cape Town voted best city in the world for the third year in a row by
readers of The Telegraph

Cape Town tops prestigious NY Times travel list for 2014

British Airways passengers again vote Cape Town
as world-wide most favourite destination.

Table Mountain voted one of the 7 New Wonders of the World.

Travel review and Tripadvisor have again named Cape Town
as the best destination in the world.

Cape Town has been named Africa’s Best City (US Travel and Leisure Awards);
Best Travel Destination in Africa and the Middle East (US Travel & Leisure Magazine);
and One of the World’s five Bluest Sky Destinations.

In addition, City Mayors, a global local government think-tank, named Cape Town's
past Mayor Helen Zille the world’s top mayor..


Cape Town Sunset with Table Mountain lit up at night


Sunny Cape Town with Table Mountain & miles of white beaches

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Cape Town Stadium

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Cape Town with Table Mountain, the 2010 Soccer Stadium & the famous Waterfront


Undisturbed Scenery, Blue Cranes our National Bird & Carpets of Flowers.
Our Cape Floral Kingdom is one of six plant kingdoms in the world?
This kingdom is the smallest and richest with 70% of the plants found
here are nowhere else on earth.

The Cape is also known for huge carpets of flowers, often stretching to the
horizon, so people travel here from all over the world to view this amazing sight.
These flowers can be spotted from Cape Town to Darling, Langebaan,
Clanwilliam, Vanrhynsdorp, Nieuwoudtville, Hondeklip Bay and Springbok.
There are many other flower areas as well. The flower season changes from
place to place, but generally the best time is during August and September.



Kirstenbosch Flowers - Protea & Strelitzia

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Southern Africa is endowed with an incredible diversity in habitats and wildlife.
On the Southern tip of this region lies the Cape floral kingdom which is considered
to be second only to the tropical rain forests in the number of species. Southern
Africa has the largest number of species (13) of land tortoise and the region
is home to no less than 300 mammal, 900 bird, 130 frog, 130 snake, 250 lizard,
1,500 tree, 24,000 flowering plant and an estimated 80,000 insect species!

The Region boasts viable populations of the fastest (cheetah), tallest (giraffe) and
biggest (elephant) of earths land mammals.

In the Western Cape we have some 3,440 wine farms, of which 460 have cellars
and wine-making facilities. South African wines lead the world in production integrity,
environmental sustainability and conservation. Producer farmers who belong to the
BWI have to meet strict criteria set out by the WWF.

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